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VastrMitr, your trusted wholesale marketplace, offers a diverse range of fashion essentials, from stylish dresses and trendy footwear to classic jeans and adorable kids wear. Explore traditional elegance with kurtis and sarees, or opt for flexibility with the “Under 10 Pcs” category. Our carefully chosen collection includes everything from casual T-shirts to formal pants, ensuring your inventory is stocked with the latest trends. Eliminating middlemen for lower pricing, VastrMitr is the best wholesale marketplace, dedicated to honesty and customer happiness.

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What is VastrMitr?2023-11-24T07:33:05+05:30

VastrMitr is a wholesale marketplace that derives its name from the combination of two Sanskrit terms: वस्त्र (Vastr), signifying clothing or garment, and मित्र (Mitr), denoting friend or companion, representing our relationship with our customers. We offer products at a wholesale rate, aiming to directly connect Wholesalers and Retailers with Manufacturers. This direct connection eliminates unnecessary middlemen, allowing our customers to source their products at significantly reduced prices. VastrMitr provides its services through:

Operating from India, VastrMitr prioritizes integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction as its core values. VastrMitr is committed to establishing long-lasting relationships built on trust, reliability, and mutual growth.

How can I start using VastrMitr?2023-11-24T07:32:58+05:30

To get started, visit our website at or download our mobile app from the Google Play Store ( or the App Store ( Create an account, and you’re ready to explore our wholesale marketplace.

What types of products are available on VastrMitr?2023-11-24T07:32:48+05:30

VastrMitr offers a wide range of wholesale products, primarily focusing on clothing and garments. We mostly source our products directly from manufacturers, ensuring a diverse selection of high quality products at competitive wholesale prices.

How does VastrMitr ensure quality and reliability?2023-11-24T07:32:36+05:30

We mostly source our products directly from manufacturers, ensuring that you receive premium quality products. VastrMitr prioritises integrity and transparency, and we work with trusted manufacturers to maintain high standards.

Are there any fees for using VastrMitr?2023-11-24T07:32:28+05:30

No, VastrMitr is committed to transparency. There are no membership fees, and we do not have hidden charges. You only pay for the products you purchase, and the prices displayed on our platform are the actual wholesale rates.

Can I track my orders on VastrMitr?2023-11-24T07:32:20+05:30

Yes, you can track your orders through your VastrMitr account. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive updates on its status, including shipping information and estimated delivery dates.

Is VastrMitr available internationally?2023-11-24T08:15:34+05:30

Currently, VastrMitr operates in India. While our platform primarily serves the Indian market, we are exploring possibilities for international expansion.

How does VastrMitr support mutual growth?2023-11-24T07:35:05+05:30

VastrMitr is committed to establishing long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability. We aim for mutual growth by providing a platform that benefits both wholesalers and retailers, fostering a collaborative and prosperous business environment.

How secure are transactions on VastrMitr?2023-11-24T07:36:15+05:30

Security is our priority. VastrMitr ensures secure transactions through our platform. Your payment details and personal information are protected, providing a safe and worry-free wholesale experience.

Can I return products if I’m not satisfied?2023-11-24T07:38:26+05:30

In short, yes, VastrMitr’s return policy is designed to address any concerns you may have. Please refer to our Return Policy ( for detailed information on the process and eligibility criteria.

How can I contact VastrMitr for support?2023-11-24T08:15:03+05:30

For any assistance or inquiries, you can reach out to our customer support team through the “Contact Us” section on our website or within the mobile app.

How does VastrMitr contribute to sustainability?2023-11-24T07:43:19+05:30

VastrMitr is committed to sustainable practices. By dealing directly with manufacturers, we reduce the carbon footprint associated with unnecessary intermediaries. We encourage eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practices among our partners.

What makes VastrMitr different from other wholesale marketplaces?2023-11-24T07:44:36+05:30

VastrMitr stands out by prioritizing integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Our direct connection model eliminates unnecessary middlemen, ensuring that our customers source products at significantly reduced prices while building long-lasting relationships based on trust and reliability.

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