Branded Nikkar NS Fabric

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  • Brand: Branded Nikkar
  • Fabric: NS Fabric
  • Sizes: L, XL, XXL
  • Quantity: 9 pieces

Upgrade your comfort level with our branded nikkars made from NS fabric. Order now to experience quality and comfort in every pair!

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Branded Nikkar NS Fabric | Sizes L XL XXL | 9 PCS Set

Explore our premium collection of branded nikkars, meticulously crafted from NS fabric to ensure superior comfort and durability. This set of 9 nikkars is designed to cater to your daily comfort needs with style and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Branded nikkars renowned for their quality and comfort.
  • Fabric: NS fabric offering freshness and durability.
  • Sizes Available: L, XL, XXL to accommodate various body types.
  • Quantity: Set includes 9 pieces, perfect for stocking up your wardrobe.

Why Choose Branded Nikkars?

  • High-Quality Material: NS fabric for lasting comfort and support.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for everyday wear, providing a snug fit.
  • Multiple Sizes: Available in L, XL, XXL, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.
  • Value Pack: Set of 9 nikkars offers great value for your investment.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Branded Nikkar
  • Fabric: NS Fabric
  • Sizes: L, XL, XXL
  • Quantity: 9 pieces per set

Care Instructions:

  • Washing: Machine wash in cold water with similar colors.
  • Drying: Tumble dry on low heat or air dry.
  • Ironing: Use a low-temperature setting, avoiding elastic bands.

Style Tips:

  • Ideal for daily wear under any attire.
  • Perfect for gifting or personal use.
  • Offers comfort and support throughout the day.

Enhance your wardrobe essentials with our branded nikkars crafted from NS fabric. Available in sizes L, XL, XXL, this set of 9 ensures durability and comfort with every wear.

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